My Story

Kotas Kreations is a children’s clothing and accessories brand based in California. Each item is designed and handmade with love by Ko Ota, a mother of two.  With two active toddlers, Ko understands the importance of style and function when it comes to children.  Every piece is designed to be comfortable enough to play in and adorable enough to capture every childhood moment and even made to pass down to a sibling, cousin or friend.

I have been blessed with many roles over the years and the role I am most proud of is being a mother to two fun loving toddlers.  I am a self-taught sewer and have always had a passion for creating and a love for fabric and textile designs.  I have fond memories of making clothes for my Barbie’s, knitting dolls and cross-stitching many Precious Moments characters as a young girl.

They say motherhood changes you and that certainly was true with the birth of my second child.  I finally had the courage and crazy idea of starting Kotas Kreations with two kids under two.  With the full support of my husband and family, I left the workforce to be a stay at home mom and attempt to be a mompreneur. 

The inspiration for my designs come from fabric, colors, travels and the every day moments with my children.  Each creation has become a way for me to document my children’s favorite animals, books and our daily adventures.  

While there is much to be learned and accomplished I am proud to say that many of my handmade items have made it around the United States and many parts of this world.  I have gained many life lessons, memories, encouragement and new friends that I could not have imagined in such a short amount of time.  It brings me happiness to know that I can bring joy to people and at the same time teach my children what hard work and determination looks like.  I’m forever grateful for your support and the support of family, new and old friends, maker’s and every organization that has accepted me into their community.


Ko Ota

Giving Back

In 2016, 2017 and 2018 a portion of your purchases was donated to Save the Children, an organization that invests in children's childhood in America and around the world.  I strongly believe that every child deserves a happy and safe childhood.  By giving back to this organization, I believe that we can help children by giving them a chance at a better life.  For more information please visit www.savethechildren.org